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Street Royalty 937 2nd edition Chapter 19 As McCoy and Hicks sat in his office McCoy barked his orders. "I want men on every corner....I want him followed until his no longer endangering family, friends, or the public." McCoy said and received a head nod from Hicks before continuing, "the cleaner it looks the easier it is to clean up. I want this to look as if he was resisting arre [ ... ]

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Welcome to the JL block and the life and times of Sincere Wallace. Thru out all the ups and downs of the street life Sin remains focused on getting out. Prison nor beef in the streets can deter Sin from handling his business and becoming a success. Will Sin make it out or become another statistic in the streets.....

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Ms. Liv, the Model
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  Welcome to Ms Liv the Model's world! Ms Liv is an upcoming published model who has been in the industry for about three years now building her brand. Originally from Dayton Ohio, although the "JL CREW" adopted her early on, Ms Liv currently resides in Dallas Tx. Growing up an only child, Ms Liv was a military brat "so they say" :) with her father serving 30+ years in the Air For [ ... ]

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